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Implexions is an Austrian company that have become synonymous with their fascinating crystal and glassware products. Famously, they artistically encase seemingly suspended, floating household décor, such as candleholders and photo frames, in perfectly clear plexiglas and crystal. This stunning illusion is created as the forms are expertly embedded in the glass, striking a resemblance to the prehistoric flora, fauna and insects trapped in amber.

The timeless interior designs are sure to brighten any home with the glittering Swarovski crystals embedded in the highest quality resin, creating delightful sparkling light effects. Implexions perfectly harmonise classic interior décor with sharp, modern styles to ensure each quality piece is certain to glamorise and amaze wherever it is displayed. All pieces are eligible for our luxury gift wrapping service and any orders over £40 pounds include free delivery throughout the UK. Please feel free to contact us for any advice on 01732 454937.

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